She has a code User Interface, CA Technologies

User interface for "She has a code", a tech education platform for empowering girls by CA Technologies

My Role: Art Direction, User Interface

Year: 2016
Agency: Ideal HKS
Copywriter: Letícia Moraes
Client: CA Technologies

CA Technologies create software that helps companies shape the future.

Challenge: Change a tragic scenario. Today, only 1/4 of the Brazilian professionals in the technology area are women, often with a lower hierarchical level than men. These women are fighting to change that reality even with the lack of support and investment.

Solution: Embrace the cause of the inclusion of women in the sector, grounding actions in three pillars: capacity building, investments, and empowerment.

Result: We proposed to create a tech education platform for girls. With a new visual identity and user interface, the platform had varied content about technology, personal and professional life, events, online courses, and programming tools, aiming to discuss trends, careers, and the future of women in the sector.

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