Máxima Conteúdo, PR studio – Rebranding

Rebranding with new logo and visual identity for Máxima Conteúdo, a content-driven PR studio based in São Paulo.

Title: Máxima Conteúdo Rebranding

My Role: Logo redesign and new visual identity

Year: 2017

Client: Máxima Conteúdo

Speaking about: strategy, creativity and work quality

Body: robust, confidence, modern and light

Doing: support entrepreneurs and companies to create a healthier relationship with their customers.


Challenge: How to modernize the visual branding improving its relevance in the market?

Solution: The sollution was bring more visual possibilities to the brand universe and generate greater identification with stakeholders. We used the weight of the word “maxima” (“maximum” in english) to create this typo symbol.

Result: So we bring a new typography based logo, clean and strong, with this “roman empire” proud feeling. A new color pallet was created based in the old ones plus some secondary colors we found. We use Museo typography family and create a modern iconography collection with outline strokes.


Máxima KV1
Máxima KV2
Máxima KV3
Máxima KV4
Máxima KV5
Máxima KV6
Máxima KV7
Máxima KV8

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