Izu Medeiros, Law office – Visual Branding

Branding design with logo and visual identity for the law office Izu Medeiros, based in São Paulo.

Title: Izu Medeiros law office branding design

My Role: Logo and visual identity

Year: 2018

Client: Izu Medeiros

Speaking about: efficience, work quality and relationship

Body: serious, exclusive, modern and light

Doing: support entrepreneurs or companys through the transformative process of an M&A deal.


Challenge: Create a strong visual expression of the brand values in a branding limited market. How to make a strong visual system to pop-up Izu Medeiros in global law offices market.

Solution: We developed a clean and bold visual identity using circle elements and a lot of color. For the logo we create a simple monogram representing the “IZM” letters.

Result: The final result was a great success based on client feedbacks. They told us we could capture the abstract feeling and delivery a great visual identity project.


IzuMedeiros_2018_Fachada 1
IzuMedeiros_2018_cartão de visita_mockup 1
falling business card mockups2

Solve problems through visual-interactive design is my passion.
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