Braskem, Mars Green Planet – User Interface

User Interface and art direction for the content hub "Mars: Green Planet".

My Role: Art Direction, User Interface

Year: 2016 Agency: Ideal HKS Client: Braskem

Copywriter: Joao Mello Bourroul

Braskem is the world leader in the production of biopolymers and the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas.

fabiorocha_braskem1 a 1
fabiorocha_braskem1 b

Challenge: A strategy that communicates directly with the end consumer and the market the issue of innovation and the key role of the company in the technology scenery.

Solution: Create brand awareness by generating buzz and engagement around one of the company’s most innovative projects, the Green plastic.

Result: We develop a language that appropriates visual concepts of technology and science. Through a dynamic and interactive experience, we created the content hub “Mars: Green Planet“, making the brand image stronger as a innovative Brazilian multinational.

fabiorocha_braskem2 a 1
fabiorocha_braskem2 b2
fabiorocha_braskem3 a
fabiorocha_braskem3 b
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Solve problems through visual-interactive design is my passion.
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