Blanc Fashion, Visual Identity

Visual identity for Blanc Fashion, a brazilian start-up based on technology for positioning and exporting fashion.

Title: Blanc Fashion visual identity

My Role: Art Direction

Year: 2016
Agency: Ideal HKS
Client: Computer Associates

Copywriter: Marcela Monteiro

BLANC is a start-up based on technology for positioning and exporting fashion, art and lifestyle in the international markets. Doing wholesale business with authentic brazilian culture, in a powerful, creative and customised way.

Challenge: The creation of brazilian fashion is original, has its own personality, and generates desire in the foreign market. It has creative potential to compete with the big players in the global market, but it still needs to go a long way in professionalizing.

Solution: In addition to creating a digital CRM strategy prioritising the relationship with buyers, we have developed a new visual identity based on the tropical mood of the brand. We implemented a new online communication system with newsletters, real-time chat and 24h support.

Result: We reached the goal of 100 beta testers for the brand’s new Blanc Fashion B2B e-commerce in 1 month. More than 5,000 international buyers was impacted. With that numbers Blanc could make the sales kick-off and open yours e-commerce to the market.

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