Aedes do Bem Visual and User Interface, Oxitec

Visual branding system and user interface to Oxitec new product, a mosquito called Aedes do Bem.

Title: Aedes do Bem

My Role: Branding, Art Direction, and User Interface

Year: 2016

Agency: Ideal HKS

Client: Oxitec

Copywriter: João Bourroul

Oxitec has developed a new and innovative solution to control populations of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Create ‘self-limiting’ male insects called “Aedes do Bem” which seek out and mate with females. After Aedes do Bem mosquito has successfully mated with a wild female, any offspring that result will not survive to adulthood, so the mosquito population declines.


Challenge: The main challenge was to create a communication strategy to humanize the mosquito figure and make it more familiar to the general population.


Solution: We developed a hole branding system to reshape the image associated with the mosquito, making its image softer and more comfortable to the population. By using wide images focused on people and their routines, we bring the subject matter closer to everyday people. The typography and iconography had rounded corners and multi-colored titles, promoting a more relaxing approach and allowing quick identification of the campaign ideals in a clever and illustrative way.


Result: Our strategic approach redefining the mosquito image and the high efficiency of Oxitec work with the population (about 90% of Aedes Aegypti reduction) was a great success. We developed a new branding system and an App prototype for to people interact with the campaing.


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